Friday, January 21, 2011

So many titles so little time...

Henry has changed so much!
This is a confederate soldier in the old town square.
Mary Mae Jones Elementary where Juliet goes to school.
Our new place.
Living Room.
Yes, the playset is leaning just a bit but so far it is still standing.
A bright orange kitchen with sage green countertops and white appliances! It isn't what I would pick but the good new is we have a kitchen without carpet!!!!!
Master Bedroom / Office / Family Room

I have been thinking about this blogging adventure for so long that I have gone through one title after another. There was:

We Have Arrived
Sleeping on the Floor
Two Schools in One Week
Is there a preschool out there?
We're going to Walmart again.
Another snow day!

Today I am just going to start. First, yes we are here in Arkansas and everyone seems to have settled in just fine. Ian is busy at work and seems to be enjoying the new challenge. Juliet had a rough start. She went to her first school for 3 days when the school we really wanted to get into called to say that they had a spot so she switched and was a great sport about it all. She gets to ride the bus and I think that is why the transition was so smooth. Peter finally started preschool after a long and tiring search for a spot, if you have ever tried to find a good preschool midway through the year you will know how discouraging this can become. The bonus being that we found a school that has gymnastics as part of the program. Rose is just a happy girl and as long as I am there she gets on fine. Henry, after a rough start trying to sleep in a hotel room with all the rest of us had settled down now that we are in a house. He crawls around everywhere and is starting to pull himself up.

As for me, hmmmm....I miss lunch with the girls! I miss shopping somewhere other than Walmart. I miss my brothers their wives and kids. I miss having friendly neighbors that I can chat with. Arkansas does have nice things about it though, the Walmarts are very nice, no really they are! The people at church have been very friendly and sociable. The schools are great. There are trees everywhere, I get excited just thinking about what it will be like in spring and summer. Our particular area is always referred to as North West Arkansas (NWA) and I think that they want to distinguish themselves from the rest of the state. So far I have only met a few people that are actually from NWA they all seem to be from different states and countries. One of the funniest things about Arkansas are the snow days. The have no equipment here to handle even the smallest bit of snow. Since moving here we have had 3 snow days. The schools close but everyone is still expected to go to work unless they live on a hill or somewhere that has iced over. Today a friend posted on her Facebook page that she took her kids to a bounce house place because they were home from school....does that sound like a real snow day to you?!
Hopefully I will be able to find a little time each week to post here. My goal this week is to do my first post and then figure out how to post pictures. So until then...I miss you all!