Friday, May 20, 2011

How can I be so busy and get nothing done?

Life is speeding past me and I am never going to catch up! Not with the laundry, not with the house cleaning and most definitley not with blogging. I just don't have the passion for it but I do like to do it now and then so for now I will keep going at my slow pace and that is the best I can do.
I really am not that much busier than I usually am but in the last months and weeks I have had a Henry attached to my legs and/or arms. He is sweet and loving and gentle and ohhh so needy. I thought that Peter was a real mama's boy and I knew that Juliet was spoiled but we created that monster all by ourselves. But Henry is his own little soul. The only time that he gives me a little space is when he is sleeping and when I sit down on the floor and watch him play. I can't look at the computer, watch t.v., read a book or anything else, I just have to sit and watch him and the minute he notices that I am doing something else he walks over and cries until I give in. I have even gone so far as to walk calmly around the corner from him and then run as fast as I can so that I can get some small task done before he catches up with me...and he always does find me. So tonight I am thankful for Rose who had her moments like any other baby but also liked to hang out with her brother and sister so I wasn't always her best friend.
I am also thankful for the stake president in our area that decided the church would offer some garden plots to anyone who wanted to try gardening. It has been a horrible struggle for me to get the kids to go but it has been a lot of fun once we get there. They get to really stretch their legs and use tools that are dangerous in the hands of small children, find toads and dead turtles in the trees alongside the field and my personal Blakley family favorite of playing in a mountain of POO! Yes, no Blakley childs life would be complete if they hadn't climbed the pile of manure and played for a while before realizing just what they were doing.

One of the great joys of childhood has go to be being the King and Queen of Poo Mountain.

Besides the garden we had Peter and Juliet both in soccer. Juliet is okay but wasn't interested in playing next fall until she scored a goal and now that she's felt the thrill of victory I think she will give it another try and see how it goes. Peter...sigh of pride and frustration...he is good, really good and he knows it. There isn't a round object in the house that he won't kick and so that is what he does all day long. Luckily we have had a few days where he could just go outside and kick the balls against the house.

We are busy but who isn't. I just need to keep reminding myself that I am raising people not perfection and that trying to get to perfection will only leave me feeling depressed.